Testing for the new image size choices! (Will it work or no?)

In this post, I am testing to see whether or not the new images sizes I added to the functions.php file are given as choices when I attempt to insert images into an article.

Test 1: Thumbnail

The Thumbnail option is part of the normal four set of options for this theme. As such, it should already be there.

02 Cthuko Nyarlko Hastur


Thumbnail was in there, but the above is what it came up with. I have to find where I manually changed the thumbnail size.  No doubt, it was in the parent theme somewhere. ^_^;

Found it as a Setting–>Media option. Had to install Simple Image Sizes to get the new code I added accepted.  I also had to Regenerate Thumbnails for images that had previously been updated.

Testing thumbnail again.

02 Cthuko Nyarlko Hastur

Success.  It hit the 150 marker first.

Test 2: Medium

02 Cthuko Nyarlko Hastur

Not bad for a center post (450W). I’ll have to check what the anime blog has (300W…the default).

02 Cthuko Nyarlko Hastur

It cropped.

Try again…

Smeg. Resizing the bloody image for the dang slider, then running the Regenerate Thumbnails jacked it up. ^_^;  Now my max size (because of how I set the bloody thing is no wider than 320.  All of the large images are gone.


But I know what to do now…I think.

x07 Nyarlko wants a kiss

02 Cthuko Nyarlko Hastur

02 Cthuko Nyarlko Hastur

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