Negima! Manga Volume 0 Review (Some special lovin’ from when the movie came out in Japan.)

魔法先生 ネギま!Volume 0
Mahou Sensei Negima! Manga Special

Note: this was a special manga done for the release of the Mahou Sensei Negima! Anime Final movie in theaters along with the Hayate no Gotoku! Heaven is a Place on Earth movie.


Negima Volume 0 (Japan)I’m going to forgo my usual summary and just jump into things since there’s no plot. ^_^

I laughed out loud at the first part, which had Jack doing some fanservice, much to the anger of Chamo, the disturbance of Chisame, and the blushing of Sayo. Naturally, we get a shot of Chisame as well.

The next segment dealt with the question of how Paru was able to become rich while on the Magic World. The answer? Creating BL doujinshi. ^_^; Still, I couldn’t help but laugh at that.

The next segment has Yue trying to figure out how magic world folks with tails react to being touched, starting with Collet and then moving on to Emily. Other than the ecchi humor, having Bea scribble furious notes at what Yue learned about Emily made me laugh.

The fourth segment dealt with Natsumi’s dream in Cosmo Entelecheia, courtesy of Poyo, where her fantasy life had Kotaro in it, event of which are observed by several others. When Kotaro shows up with Negi, Natsumi kicks him (with service). It is cute and humorous.

The fifth segment is cut short as Poyo is assassinated by Mana to keep her from revealing Mana’s dream in Cosmo Entelecheia.

Poyo returns in the sixth segment to reveal that it was Setsuna’s dream to see Konoka in the naked apron, though Setsuna initially tried to deny it.

Cocone is in the seventh segment, where she goes to reveal her secret purpose to Misora, but Misora doesn’t care about anything like that as long as it is the best for Cocone. Translation — Akamatsu-sensei couldn’t come up with anything, so move along. Bastage! ^_~

In the eighth segment, Akamatsu-sensei does a rather nifty tribute to Hayate the Combat Butler as he has the characters from Negima! whom are voiced by seiyuu who also have parts in Hayate cosplay their Hayate characters. As such, Kaede (SHIRAISHI Ryouko) cosplays Hayate. Tsukuyomi (KUGIMIYA Rei) cosplays Nagi. Misa (ITOU Shizuka) cosplays Hina. Finally, Makie (HORIE Yui) cosplays Sister Sonia.

Negima Volume 0 Hayate no Gotoku Cosplay

Heh!heh! Awesome! ^_^

For the ninth segment, Shiori reveals reveals a day in the life of Fate’s girls as they try to please him by two of them serving him coffee in maid outfits (and failing) followed by the other two (not Shiori) serving him with the naked apron. Fate’s not impressed, but praises the girls on their efforts, pleasing them.

The tenth and final segment asks the question of whom Negi likes the most. That brings up a lot of girls who are attracted to him, and Konoka promises a reward for Setsuna if she can stop Negi from fleeing. Since Negi’s too good to be caught, Chamo uses his magic to reveal that Negi’s thoughts have nothing but males in it, starting with his father, then Jack, then Fate, and completed by Kotaro. This causes Setsuna and Asuna to attack him for only thinking about men. This was the only page I’d seen before, so I knew the gag, but it was still funny.

It is a shame that Kodansha Comics could not license this, but the Japanese are pretty fickle when it comes to limited edition items, even more so when said items are done for special events. We gaijin can go get stuffed unless we want to pay ¥¥¥ out the nose (and other orifices), including flying to Japan to see this double-billed movie at theaters there.

Even though it may bother my friends in the publishing business, I’m glad we baka gaijin now have a chance to at least see the contents of this special manga. It is fun and mostly filler, but its all good, even if a bit ecchi.

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