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What Happens When Heavy Metal Meets “Kawai” Idols? BABYMETAL!

One of the the cool things about Japan is their willingness to experiment with new things and the spirit of innovation found there.  That’s what happened when a producer at Amuse, Inc. when he decided to combine idol music with heavy metal music. That innovative idea gave birth to the metal-idol trio known as BABYMETAL.

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KILL la KILL- 03 (Satsuki-sama sez, “Time for some ojousama vs heroine seinen action!”)

キルラキル ep. 03 SPOILER Review KILL la KILL episode 03 Synopsis: Mikisugi-sensei arranges to meet Ryuuko (via a note on Mako’s back) to caution her about her staring at him in class, lest they raise suspicions. She is free to gaze at him (and more) in private though. He tells Ryuuko about the seimeseni threads

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Coppelion – 03 (More going on than a failed, nuclear reactor.)

コッペリオン Ep. 03 Review Coppelion episode 03 SPOILER Summary/Synopsis: The three girls continue their movements deeper into the radiated metroplex while Mishima tries to learn more about who’s behind the supply deliveries that weren’t sponsored by the government. They find a key outside of a prison facility, which there are two guards. When they report

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