Ah! My Goddess Ch. 300 Manga Review (Make your race track more beautiful.)

Ah! My Goddess Manga/Oh My Goddess! Manga
ああっ女神さまっ Chapter 300

SPOILER Summary/Synopsis:

Keiichi, Belldandy, and Tyr are surprised by the lake goddess having shown up. She shushes Tyr for interrupting her while she works, then offers Keiichi the choice of the silver bike or the gold bike. Like the bard from the past, Keiichi asks for the return of his bike, pleasing the lake goddess. To reward him, she says she’ll give him the silver and gold bikes, but Keiichi doesn’t want anything other than his bike. This pleases her, so she returns the bike, but offers something else as a reward.

Tyr can stand it no longer and demands to know how she broke free of her seal. Belldandy and Keiichi are also curious. The lake goddess cites Belldandy and Keiichi as the ones who helped, since she not only heard them, but she saw Belldandy just before the seal closed. From there, she understood things and the need to make a choice, so she spent the time sealed getting stronger and stronger until she was strong enough to not only break free from being sealed, but also she can now choose where to go, meaning she is no longer bound to the lake.

Tyr finds all of this impossible, but when Keiichi calls him out on that, he tries to deny saying it, causing Belldandy to call him out on that. Tyr concedes the point, but says that Keiichi still hasn’t won their contest. Belldandy concurs, so Keiichi asks the lake goddess to wait for him. The lake goddess uses her powers to transform the course from its starkness to a beautifully landscaped park-like look. The course route remains unchanged.

Tyr is not happy about this change, even if the course route remains the same, saying that no miracle can happen this way. He orders her to change it back but she refuses, citing the fact that Tyr is not in his kami form, but is in the Judgement Gate’s body, meaning he cannot provide proof of his godship. As such, she cannot officially recognize him as a god. In addition, since Keiichi’s reward for being honest is her domain, Tyr cannot veto the lake goddess’s reward. Tyr reluctantly agrees to this, so the lake goddess tells Keiichi to ride.


What a sweet chapter. ^_^

I loved how the lake goddess totally owned Tyr in this chapter. She broke out of the seal that that he no doubt created. She broke away from the lake which I feel pretty sure he tied her too. Then she appears in his course, which was barred from others. To add insult to injury from his perspective, she not only shushes him to give Keiichi a test that he was sure to win, but she transforms Tyr’s stark racing course into something beautiful as a drive in the country on a twisty-turny road.  Tyr’s been a punk, so it is awesome to see him getting punked!

The icing on the cake was Belldandy’s purity over her father’s attempts to lie about what he’d said. Yeah, Tyr needed to get spanked.  I wonder if he left Judgement Gate’s body after giving in to the lake goddess, or if he just slumped down in defeat.

Going back to the change of scenery for the racing course, I don’t know how that helps Keiichi other than maybe to see the road better, or possibly to be more relaxed, assuming there are no critters around.

Otherwise, not much else to discuss. I guess it is time for Keiichi’s final run and subsequent win.

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